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Site Notes

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December 11, 2015

Welcome to what will be the new version of MACJR'S Morphed Pixels Gallery.

MACJR'S Morphed Pixels Gallery was formerly named MACJR'S Metamorphic Gallery. Back when I first created the Metamorphic Gallery, I had not known that there already existed a class of art that was called metamorphic art (I knew of that type of art, but not that it was called metamorphic art), and it was not at all like the art that I called metamorphic art. Thus, the long overdue name change.

Never mind that the process I use to make morphed pixel art is much closer to a geologic metamorphic process, the literal transformation of one piece of art into another, that looks almost, or not at all, like the original art piece. To me, it seems that what is commonly called metamorphic art has absolutely nothing to do with a metamorphic process. Metamorphic art just deals with morphed perceptions. It is not the art that has gone through a metamorphic process. It is just a viewer’s perceptions morphing as they notice other aspects of the image that are already there.

Moving on now.

It will take some time to rebuild this site, from the ground up, here at its new location. However, work is in progress.

Michael A. Crane, Jr.

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